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Plastic Recycling

Recycling your low and high grade plastics

The UK alone uses over 5 million tonnes of plastic every year of which only about 24% is recycled or recovered.

We want to increase that figure and believe that through our innovation and your foresight, we can.

Specialising in waste plastic recycling and collection, we'll help you become greener by collecting your plastic waste from your premises and removing it for recycling.

Just give us a call and we'll do the rest.

Plus, by working with EA Recycling, you could open up a whole new revenue stream because we pay rebates for volume.

What plastics do you recycle?

We will collect and recycle:

  • Low grade plastics.
  • High grade plastics.
  • Mixed hard plastic.
  • Pre-industrial plastic scraps.

Just tell us what you have and your dedicated account manager will take care of everything else.

Call us now and help create a better future.