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Transport Network

Always using the right tool for the job

What's stopping you from recycling your waste?

  • Unsure what can or can't be recycled.
  • Nowhere to store the material.
  • No means of transporting it to a recycling centre.
  • You believe it's cost prohibitive.
  • Unsure where to take your waste for recycling.

EA Recycling remove all those barriers by providing a cost effective waste removal and recycling service that can also generate a new income stream.

We'll collect your waste materials from your premises using an appropriate form of transport.

With a fleet of rigid walking floor vehicles, curtain side lorries, roll on roll off, and dustcarts, we'll always use the right tool for the job to ensure the safe and efficient transport of your materials.

Plus, all our hauliers are fully qualified and insured and certified by the Environment Agency.

With EA Recycling, you'll be well on the road to achieving zero landfill .

Call us today and remove your barriers to recycling.