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uPVC Recycling

Making financial sense of our your uPVC recycling

Did you know it's possible to recycle every uPVC window frame 10 times and yet you're still sending yours to landfill?

Recycling your uPVC will help to dramatically cut the depletion of the world's valuable resources and it makes financial sense because:

  • It eliminates your substantial landfill costs.
  • It helps you attract new customers with a green conscience.
  • It can lead to a new income stream.

Convenient, cost effective uPVC recycling

EA Recycling offers you a cost effective and convenient alternative to landfill.

We'll provide you with an appropriate collection method for your premises in which to collect your uPVC (without the glass).

At a pre-arranged time, we'll collect it from you, process it and with volume, turn your waste into a revenue stream.

Show your green credentials

Everyone knows it makes sense to recycle, but few are demonstrating it in practice.

Make your company stand out by taking a stand on green issues.

We'll help you recycle your uPVC quickly, efficiently and safely, helping you move towards a more sustainable future.

Call us today to give your uPVC waste a new lease of life.